About NAET - An Open Letter from Dr. Devi
An open letter to NAET® patients 
from Dr. Devi Nambudripad

We have been receiving many complaints from patients who are being lured into clinics by doctors promising NAET® allergy elimination treatments, but they are not receiving NAET® treatments. Obviously these people are not getting better, nor are their allergies being eliminated. These patients are not getting better and are claiming that the NAET® technique is not working. When done properly the NAET® technique successfully eliminates allergies to the treated allergen. 

  • Some patients reported some type of color slides being placed at various locations on their bodies. They were made to rest for a few minutes with a glass tube in their hand and then told they were cured of their allergies. 
  • While holding an allergen, another group was asked to lie on a special bed and a while later they were also told their allergies were cured. 
  • A special machine treated yet another group. They placed their fingers into a computerized dish with flashing lights and some "Mumbo Jumbo" was done on them. They were also told that their allergies were cured.
  • Then there were those that were asked to touch certain parts of their body and sit for a short time in isolation while thinking about the allergen or allergic thought. They were then pronounced free of their allergies. 
  • Another group was given $400-$500 worth of supplements, vitamins, enzymes, or sub-lingual drops on the first visit without removing any allergies. They were advised to take them with each meal. When they got nauseous, vomited and/or got cramps while taking the supplements, they were told that they were going through a healing crisis. There are times when supplements are advised (please see the Need for Supplements below).
  • Another group was treated with a laser light shone on certain points of their back for a few seconds, while holding the allergen in their hand. They were then told that they could go home and did not have to avoid anything, including the allergen they were treated for.

For your information folks,
none of these methods are taught by me and they are not NAET®.

I cannot comment on the validity and effectiveness of any of the above mentioned techniques, I can only recommend what my personal and professional research has proven to work as valid and effective. I will emphatically state that those above mentioned methods are not NAET®. 

When your doctor performs real NAET® (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) on you, your allergies will be eliminated. Meaning that you will be freed from allergies to all correctly and successfully treated items. Whether it is eggs, shellfish, peanuts, chocolate, sugar, latex, formaldehyde, cosmetics, animals, pollens, dust, sun radiation or any living or non-living substance around you. This means that you will be able to eat foods, use items and go places that had previously caused adverse effects. 

What is correct NAET®?


All patients will be instructed to read the book, Say Goodbye to Illness, by me before you make an appointment with an NAET® practitioner. This will give you some idea about this new, revolutionary treatment and how it may help with your own health conditions. This is not a self-help book, even though, there is much information to help you to keep your health problems under control. You will also read many patients’ testimonials and case studies to help you understand how well they are doing after several years of initial NAET® treatments.

When you begin the NAET® treatments, your practitioner will also ask you to read The NAET® Guidebook (available from the practitioner’s office, or on this website, or amazon.com or any major book stores), to find the suitable foods and/or items to avoid during the course of your treatment.

Your NAET® practitioner will test your allergy using a special computerized allergy testing machine called NAET®ER (this is not mandatory, only optional), or by using muscle response testing as shown in the book Say Goodbye to Illness. He or she will then treat specific acupuncture points on your back using fairly strong acupressure either by hands or with a pressure device (manually operated or electrically stimulated, with a device called "arthrostim") while you are holding the allergen in your palm and touching the sample with the pads of your fingers several times (the number of times your practitioner stimulates your back will depend on the practitioner’s findings as to the nature of NAET® application at the time of evaluation before applying the treatment). All patients above the age of ten will then also receive acupressure or acupuncture needles at specific points on the front of the body.

Patients are asked to remain for 15-20 minutes in the office after the treatment. At that time they are tested again for their muscle strength with the allergen in their hand. This time, if the treatment is successful, the patient’s arm should remain strong against the practitioner’s pressure. The patient is then asked to wash their hands or rub them together for a minute.

Patients are instructed to avoid all contact with the allergen that they were just treated for, for 25 hours. They are also advised to read The NAET® Guidebook to find the suitable foods they can eat for those 25 hours.

During the spinal NAET® treatment procedure the NAET® practitioner and the patient should be alone in the room to prevent electro-magnetic interference. Children, friends, patients, relatives, office staff or assistants, animals, and other pets should not be allowed in the treatment room.

On the following visit (anywhere from 1 day to 7 days) the practitioner re-tests the previously treated item. If the result is satisfactory (cleared) the practitioner can treat another item. If the allergen has not passed the test at least 80% while rechecking, the same allergen will be treated again alone or will be treated using BBF (brain-body balancing formula), or any other combinations detected by the practitioner at the time of rechecking. It is necessary to clear the treated allergen at least to 80-90% mark before attempting to treat another allergen. If an allergen has cleared 80-90% mark, that allergen will not cause any adverse reaction with future contacts. When the allergen clears at 100% mark, it will begin to compliment the person’s health by enhancing the person’s existing energy in many folds. For example: an allergy to vitamin C was causing arthritis before the NAET® treatment. When the allergy of vitamin C was cleared at 80% mark, the joints stopped hurting and the swelling began to subside by reducing the pain and inflammation at the joints. But when it was cleared at 100% mark, the foods and supplements containing vitamin C began strengthening the joints by helping with the repair of the unhealthy tissue of the joints. Occasionally, 100% clearance happens soon after one treats an item one or two times. Patients response to an NAET® treatment (or treatments) will depend on various factors: immune system of the patient at the time of treatment, age, sex, the duration of the illness, the severity of the illness, emotional status of the patient, the number and type of emotional energy blockages, the ability to follow and carry out the instructions, the energetic compatibility of the patient and the practitioner or whoever is involved with the patient care, and the patient’s belief system in the specific treatment. If a patient has any above mentioned complicated issues, the complete clearance will only happen after clearing a number of combinations and other related allergens in the basic groups because most foods we treat are in a complex group. For example: let’s look at the NAET® sample egg mix. This contains egg white, egg yolk, chicken, feathers, and Tetracycline. We know the egg contains most of the essential nutrients to nourish the body. NAET® Basic treatments are basic essential nutrients that are essential for the body’s survival. Egg mix alone and the detected combination treatments will clear initially about 80%. The rest (20%) of the clearance will take place while clearing specific ingredients from the NAET® basics, like calcium, B vitamins, iron, minerals, amino acids, etc. Complete clearance of the items may not be received until one treats all basics satisfactorily at all levels – (physical, physiological and psychological levels).

I receive many inquiries regarding the need to treat the NAET® basics. I hope this helps readers understand why some people need more than couple of NAET® treatments per item, or why they don’t feel great from day one, why they don’t stop reacting and don't feel great when eating, why practitioners are advising them to get treated for various combinations like heat, cold, acid, BBF, etc. NAET® treatment applications may look similar, but the treatment received by each patient is different and his/her response to the treatment is different because of the reasons given above.

Please interview your practitioner before you make your appointment if you want to receive TRUE NAET® treatments. There are many look-alike treatments that have been developed recently. Please find out if the practitioner has attended NAET® Basic, Advanced-1 and Advanced-2 level classes. If they started NAET® more than four years ago, please find out if they have been returning for mandatory yearly certification, as well as attended Basic, Advanced-1 and refresher’s class recently.

You can verify their training information on our website: www.NAET®.com. Even if a practitioner has attended all of our NAET classes, is listed on our website, and/or has been practicing NAET for a very long time, I cannot guarantee that you will get treated with the true NAET protocol taught by myself. This is because the practitioners treat patients as according to their different medical training or experience affords them and they are individually certified or licensed, separate from NAET. I cannot control what each practitioner does to his/her patients.  (There are 12,000 plus all over the world now). When they take time to come to attend our classes, follow up with our requirements for yearly certification,  we will be posting their names on our referral list. The listing only means that they have taken the right training with NAET, attended the required classes to update their certification status, but it does not mean that they are doing what they have learned. We do not have a way to go to each practitioner's office to observe their treatment methods.

We have been informed by some patients that some practitioners mix various techniques with NAET and are not providing consistent or good results. Patients must remember that NAET is a post-graduate course and is meant to be a supplement to their previous medical education. In many cases around the world and in the U.S., practitioners are using unaltered NAET with their patients as we have taught. I have described an overview of true NAET above. However it is up to (thePatient)  to interview and investigate practitioners in order to find the one that follows our protocols."

Good luck with your NAET® treatments.

-Devi S. Nambudripad, M.D. (WI), D.C., L.Ac., Ph.D. (Acu.) 


After completing the treatment for the essential nutrients (like Calcium, B Complex, Vitamin A, Iron, Vitamin E, trace minerals, mineral supplements and Amino Acids) it may be advisable to take supplements for a few months to reduce the deficiency by assisting the body to recover faster.

People who take appropriate supplements after treatments usually get better faster than people who depend on only food to supplement their needs. You should be careful to check the allergy to the particular vitamin/supplements before taking them. Even though, the patient was treated for vitamins like B Vitamins, C Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, etc. he or she can react with various, unusual health problems just by taking allergic products. So each container should be checked for allergy before taking it. Another concern about supplements is the possibility of overdose. After NAET® treatments, the body is able to assimilate 80-100% of the nutrients from the products consumed. Check the daily need frequently and adjust the dosage accordingly. An overdose can produce allergy-like symptoms which can be treated with NAET® (as an allergy).

We at NAET® treat allergies and allergy related conditions. If you do not have allergies or allergy related problems and suffer from some other illness, please contact the appropriate professionals.  

Please take a few minutes to browse through our website www.NAET®.com to learn about NAET® before you write to us. The most commonly asked questions are answered within the site. We receive 300-400 e-mails a day. Each of you and your questions are important to us. We want to help all of you. That’s why we have designed an extensive website: www.NAET®.com to answer your most common questions. If you look through our website, you may not have to waste your precious time to write to us. Then if you don’t receive our prompt reply, you don’t have to feel unattended to.  

Devi S. Nambudripad, M.D. (WI), D.C., L.Ac., Ph.D. (Acu.)


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