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My daughter Maria was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of three and a half by a psychiatrist in our home. I was determined to help her in any way that I could. I heard about the gluten&#45free/casein&#45free diet and started it right away. I soon found that gluten and casein were not the only foods that brought on Maria’s autistic behaviors. There were numerous foods that caused her behavior to decline and by eliminating these foods from her diet, her symptoms continued to improve. I came across a book, Say Goodbye to Allergy Related Autism. I was hopeful the treatments could help Maria eat a mainstream diet again.

From the very first treatment last April, Maria’s SEIT in preschool was shocked by the improvement in her eye contact. By the summer, the SEIT said that Maria was like a normal kid. We recently have been able to introduce bagels, plain pasta and chocolate back into Maria’s diet and there is no reaction. Maria is now in Kindergarten. She does not have PT or OT anymore. She scored very high on a recent evaluation of her pragmatic speech and social skills. The classroom teacher says that if you walked in during playtime, you would never know her previous diagnosis. She says that Maria loves the other children. She even has a boyfriend. Having seen how much the treatment helped Maria, I decided to be treated for migraines and after 10 treatments, I haven’t had a migraine in over a month."
L. Greene
Although skeptical, when I first heard about NAET, I knew it was something I had to try for my son. Then, a little more than 2 1/2 years of age, my son had several issues. He was speech delayed, a sensory seeker and highly active. He seemed to have a "brain fog" and with poor communication skills he was extremely frustrated. He also had one food allergy I was aware of, eggs. Almost two years later, many allergies unveiled and treated through NAET, my son is a different child. His brain fog is no longer. His speech, communication, sensory and behavior issues are minuscule if any. He no longer is allergic to eggs. The difference in him is quite major. I continue to treat him because there are still more allergies we have not touched on and I'm still seeing improvements as he passes them. I strongly believe in NAET and I strongly believe in Dr. Yee. I certainly would not spend the time or money if I felt otherwise. I take my younger son to Dr. Yee as well, and will continue to until I feel my children no longer need NAET to rid them of allergies and are at their optimal health.
Elizabeth Castiglione
One year ago, my son Tyler barely spoke. Now he is positively chatty. We owe Tyler’s success not only to traditional therapies but to NAET. NAET is something that my logical mind cannot grasp. When I first heard about friends that used it for migraines and dog allergies, I said “That’s crazy!” Then I got laid off and had the good fortune to be watching a news show were parents of a young autistic boy spoke about NAET and how their son had no trace of autism left after going through the treatments. I consider it divine intervention that I had the television on when this show came on.

At the time of his diagnosis, Tyler flapped, rocked, spun toys, had a fascination for fans, liked to spin, was sensitive to certain textures, liked to stare at lights, and barely spoke. Today, almost all of the autism related behaviors have disappeared. His first sentence came about 4&ampamp#456 weeks after we started treatments. After 3 months, he no longer needed speech therapy. Some people who know us have a hard time believing he was ever diagnosed on the spectrum. Now, his ABA therapist feels that Tyler does not need ABA anymore. The school district strongly feels that Tyler’s autism diagnosis will be lifted. NAET played a huge role in this.

I feel that my job is to inform as many people of NAET as possible. I believe it is my job to let people know what worked for Tyler and at the end of the day, I can rest assured that I have truly done everything I can for Tyler. Not only that, but it worked.
Tina Rustyak

We only began NAET treatments with Helen Bowman for our son Charlie a few weeks ago. Charlie is three years old and has autism. He suffered from terrible fear and anxiety in a addition to his other autistic traits and problems.
Charlie was extremely handicapped by his fears and would be completely terrified going to see Helen the first few times. He also had a chronic asthmatic cough whereby he would cough violently every night sometimes making himself vomit.

I can confidently say that within these very few short weeks our son has transformed into a confident, happy, calm, and social little boy whose learning has completely taken off at an astonishing rate. In one day, after almost a year of trying and being unsuccessful, he learnt to peddle his tricycle and his bigger bike with stabilisers and not only this, he learnt how to bounce on a space hopper too! These may seem like small things to many parents but any parent of a child with autism will marvel at such progress in only one day!. We have noticed many other things too – he plays more appropriately and everywhere he goes he seems to make a friend these days, he actually instigates the play himself too instead of waiting for another child to lead him. He chats with us spontaneously and has even begun to tell us jokes which is a big thing for a small child with autism who only learnt to say a few words very recently.

He sings, he laughs, he even argues with his sister which is very appropriate for siblings (and only an autism parent would rejoice in such things I’m sure) I am happy to report also that Charlie has had no asthmatic symptoms for 4 weeks. They stopped immediately after the treatment for calcium mix. The last time we visited Helen for NAET, Charlie was happy to receive the treatment and was in a playful mood, there was absolutely no fear or meltdown as had been the case on previous occasions. We are astonished at Charlie’s rapid progress since beginning NAET and are convinced allergies and immune responses play a huge part in autism.

We’re in this for the duration now, a treatment we tried almost as the last chance saloon after many varied interventions for our son has immediately began to heal him and at a rate not seen with any other intervention or treatment. When you see gains in your child almost every day, you’re convinced you’ve found the key to his health issues. NAET is the key and its unlocking little doors for Charlie all the time. We’re so grateful to Helen and to NAET for giving our son a better, healthier and happier life and all the opportunities now opening up for him that we never dared dream were possible.
Vicki & Richard Green
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