If your child exhibits more than ten symptoms from the following list, you should consult a medical specialist for evaluation of possible Autism. Early detection and treatment can give your child the best chance for recovery.

Abnormal appetite
Abnormalities in speech
Accident prone behavior
Always climbing on objects
Appears deaf and/or unable to speak
Biting nails
Biting own body parts
Cannot be pacified
Compulsive touching
Constant motion
Destructive behavior
Does not ask for help when needed
Eating dirt
Enuresis (bed wetting)
Erratic and disruptive behavior
Excessive drooling
Excessive flatulence
Excessive salivation
Excessive sweating
Facial changes
Fat cravings
Fatigued or weak appearance
Following routines to precise detail
Frequent burping
Frequent flu and colds
Hair pulling
Hand flapping
Head banging
High pain threshold
Holds on to people and objects
Impaired ability to role-play
Impaired social play
Impaired ability to initiate speech
Impaired peer relationships
Increased thirst
Lacks concentration
Muscle aches
No eye contact while communicating
Nonstop talk
Normal or high I.Q. in certain areas
Pinches or hurts others
Poor eye-hand coordination
Post nasal drip
Preoccupation with parts of objects
Preoccupations in narrow interests
Protruding abdomen
Puffy eyes
Salt craving
Screaming inconsolably
Self abusive behavior
Sensitive to cold or heat
Sensitive to odors
Sensitive to sound or light
Spinning motions frequently
Spurns affection and cuddling
Staring at people
Sugar cravings
Totally nonverbal
Uncontrollable body movements
Violent behavior
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